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Covenantal Relations Team


Charge The Covenantal Relations Team (CRT) is charged with: Promoting the UUCNH Congregational Covenant Designing and managing the process used by the church to address serious conflicts that may arise that threaten the health of the community Balancing the need for confidentiality with the need to keep the Board and Congregation informed when there [...]

Covenantal Relations Team2021-11-20T07:56:20-05:00

Celebration Garden Policy (formerly the Memorial Garden)


The Memorial Garden (MG) of The Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH) is primarily a place to remember those who were important in our lives, a place of spiritual repose, a place of connection between then and now, and a place for contemplation of what comes next.  But it is also a [...]

Celebration Garden Policy (formerly the Memorial Garden)2024-02-14T10:20:43-05:00

Ministry Council


Charge The Ministry Council is charged with coordinating the ministry programs of the Church. The Council consists of the Minister, who serves as its Chair, and three Ministry Coordinators. The Director of Lifespan Faith Development will also participate in this group as needed. The charge to the Council is to coordinate and support the [...]

Ministry Council2021-11-20T11:28:29-05:00

Children and Youth Faith Development Team


Charge In order to build a loving religious community at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH), the Children and Youth Faith Development (CYFD) Team is charged with supporting the CYFD Coordinator in creating and implementing a Faith Development Program for Children and Youth. This program will support their religious and spiritual [...]

Children and Youth Faith Development Team2023-12-05T12:04:10-05:00

Inclement Weather Policy


Purpose: During the course of the year, inclement weather may cause the church to be closed for Sunday Services and/or weekday events. Team and committee leaders, members, and church staff will use their best judgment regarding whether coming to church is a safe option during inclement weather Policy The UUCNH inclement weather policy will [...]

Inclement Weather Policy2021-11-20T15:27:06-05:00

Ministers Discretionary Fund


Purpose: The Church has established a discretionary fund for use by the minister to support the ministry of the church. This policy establishes the approved use and limitations of the fund by the minister. Policy The funds shall be in a separate UUCNH checking account under the control of the minister and the treasurer. [...]

Ministers Discretionary Fund2021-11-20T15:37:41-05:00

Solicitation Policy


Solicitation at UUCNH and on behalf of UUCNH Applicability This policy governs solicitation on church premises or at sponsored church events. It covers soliciting donations of money, goods, or services and also selling goods or services. It also covers the use of the name, UUCNH, in any form of solicitation. Purpose The purpose of the [...]

Solicitation Policy2021-11-17T10:20:34-05:00

Safety Preparedness Team


Charge The Safety Preparedness team is charged with assessing safety risks and developing a proactive safety plan for the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH). Authority The Safety Preparedness Team has the authority to: Assess safety risks of the UUCNH building and property Develop a safety plan based on the risk assessment [...]

Safety Preparedness Team2021-11-20T11:38:55-05:00

Green Sanctuary Committee


Charge On January 21 , 2017, the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH) congregation voted to begin the journey to seek the UUA Green Sanctuary accreditation. The Green Sanctuary Committee is self-selected by members and friends of UUCNH. The leader(s) of the Green Sanctuary is selected by the Green Sanctuary team.  falls [...]

Green Sanctuary Committee2021-12-03T10:14:07-05:00

Stewardship Master List


Charge Stewardship is connected to and underpins everything in our Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH) mission, since money supports maintaining a building, compensating staff, and paying for programming. For the balance of the CAR Document. Master List for the Committee September First Team meeting to discuss an annual goal, e.g., “To [...]

Stewardship Master List2021-12-02T17:55:27-05:00
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