At UUCNH we are stewards of our building and grounds

2022 to 2025 Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign Updates and History

Capital Campaign History

We have had three capital campaigns in the past at UUCNH and most of our members have never had the opportunity to contribute to the support of our building and grounds.  These campaigns have been focused around the purchase of the barn and conversion to the church, the addition of the sanctuary, and the remodeling of the upper floor for religious education.

  • 1961 Barn Purchased
  • 1992 East and West Rooms added
  • 2006 Campaign for Upper Level Renovations

The Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills is a place where you will find like-minded people from a variety of faith backgrounds and we offer education on many of those backgrounds.  Our mission is:

By building a loving religious community that

nourishes the spirit,

celebrates life, and

cherishes the connectedness of all things,

we will transform ourselves and our world.

We have developed a Strategic Plan to make our mission a reality. It brings together all of our current activities and goals, so we can all understand and help accomplish them, with our needs and desires for the future.  We have our Social Justice efforts, our dedicated staff, a large facility that needs maintenance and improvements, a desire to enhance our facility for events by members and outside groups, and a need to enhance our programs for Children & Youth.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can download our strategic plan.

Upcoming Capital Campaign Timeline

We have a rough plan at this time for the 2022 Capital Campaign.  We will modify this plan as we go through the first three months of 2022 The current approach for the plan includes the following:

  • January – rough outline of three options (see below)
  • February through April 17- small group input sessions
  • April 24 – Town Hall meeting to poll members to determine which option the campaign will focus on

  • April 28-30– UUA Consultant Barry Finkelstein to conduct feasibility study to determine how much money we can raise

  • Late May – Early June Congregational Vote to move forward
  • September – Kick-off of the campaign if approved

Plan for our Campaign based on Congregation Input

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