On January 21 , 2017, the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH) congregation voted to begin the journey to seek the UUA Green Sanctuary accreditation. The Green Sanctuary Committee is self-selected by members and friends of UUCNH. The leader(s) of the Green Sanctuary is selected by the Green Sanctuary team.  falls under the Board according to Partnership Governance.

The Green Sanctuary team is charged with leading/coordinating and working with all UUCNH committees and other groups to complete the Green Sanctuary accreditation.


The Green Sanctuary team has the authority to lead the Green Sanctuary effort at UUCNH. Projects that have budget impact beyond the annual committee budget or that involve commitment of the church for long time periods will be determined in consultation with the Board and/or the congregation as appropriate.


  1. The team will develop and update a project plan of activities and timelines of Green Sanctuary efforts. The team will also prepare and submit all materials necessary for the accreditation of Green Sanctuary.
  2. The team will conduct an Environmental Audit including a professional energy audit of the church and Bellwood buildings, a congregational assessment and committee assessment to establish a baseline and identify opportunities for Green Sanctuary efforts. The team will review all relevant aspects of congregational life including: worship and celebration, religious education, social justice, building and grounds, communications, social activities, fundraising and money management, and membership, with the goal of integrating sustainable living and environmental consciousness and practices throughout UUCNH.
  3. The team will compile assessment findings and work with the congregation and appropriate committees and groups to plan, coordinate, and implement an action plan consisting of at least 12 projects/activities in the following areas: Worship and Celebration, Religious Education, Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Living as outlined in the UUA Green Sanctuary curriculum.
  4. The team will meet on a regular basis and keep the Board, the congregation and the community informed of its activities as needed/appropriate.
  5. Minutes will be taken at each Green Sanctuary meeting and published on the website.
  6. Part of the Green Sanctuary accreditation will involve establishing and/or deepening relationships with outside organizations working on environmental stewardship and environmental justice projects and partnering to work collaboratively on long-term issues of mutual concern. We also expect to develop projects to reduce church and/or congregation carbon footprint.

Approved 2017-0127

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