The Safety Preparedness team is charged with assessing safety risks and developing a proactive safety plan for the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH).


The Safety Preparedness Team has the authority to:

  • Assess safety risks of the UUCNH building and property
  • Develop a safety plan based on the risk assessment
  • Develop a plan for safety training and safety drills for the church
  • Identify needs and cost estimates for, and approaches to, safety improvements to church facilities including bids for equipment and installation • Develop and execute Safety Preparedness Training
  • Develop and execute safety response drills


  1. Develop, oversee and execute a Safety Preparedness Plan and communicate relevant portions to the congregation
  2. Maintain a relationship with and provide updates to the team’s Board Liaison
  3. Develop and submit a proposed budget for the team as part of the annual church budgeting process
  4. Submit a report on the teams’ activities for inclusion in the UUCNH Annual Report to the congregation
  5. Maintain relationships with public authorities including Franklin Park Police and Fire
  6. Annually review and if needed update this CAR document and the team’s master list of tasks and responsibilities

Approved by Safety Preparedness Team on December 16, 2018

Approved by UUCNH Board on December 18, 2018

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