UUCNH Facility Rental Information

Currently our facility is not available to rent

First Floor

One of the items that was suspended during the Global Pandemic was facility rentals. Although the church is now open, it is going through some Capital Campaign renovations that continue to keep church rentals suspended.

Once our facility is available for rentals again, there are four areas that can be rented including the rooms below.

  • West Room – our Sanctuary

  • Friendship Hall – great for gatherings

  • East Room – great for small meetings

  • Kitchens – available to support food prep and staging

Second Floor

The second floor of UUCNH is used for our youth group and religious education as well as committee meetings.  The UUCNH Library is also on this floor.  The youth room has comfy seating and is used for casual interactions and fun meetings.  Once our facility is available for rentals, then any room could be rented individually or the entire floor could be rented.

Check back to our site for news updates on rentals.

  • Our Sanctuary is now open for safe worship if you are vaccinated and wearing a mask

  • Some groups including the craft group are now meeting in our facility

  • Weather permitting we are having coffee hour outside  the church after the service on Sunday 

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is primarily a place to remember those who were important in our lives, a place of spiritual repose, a place of connection between then and now, and a place for contemplation of what comes next.

The first cremains interred on our grounds in 1983 were those of Jane E. Springer, a founding member of our church. The pergolas and stone pier with chalice sculpture were installed by the Memorial Garden Committee in 2000-2001. The graceful bronze chalice within the entwined Unitarian and Universalist circles, set atop a natural stone pillar, became the focal point for the garden in November 2003.

Years 2021, 2022 and currently, we have been making progress on the reconstruction of our memorial garden.

  • There are many memorial and/or Cremains in our garden

  • Event Space is being provided as part of the new plan

  • The Community Garden area is being maintained


Our Facility – Accessibility Our church strives to meet Universal Design criteria by making our space as accessible as we can. We have done this for our website as well as for our facility. We have a ramp to our front door and a lift to our second floor. All of our bathrooms are accessible for those with disabilities. Our sanctuary features a hearing loop for those with appropriate hearing aids and headphones for those who do not. Our coat racks are at multiple heights. We continue to look for ways to make our church inviting for all people.

  • Six Handicap parking spaces close to the front door of the facility

  • Many features in the building to aid members and guests

You are always welcome to visit

The best way to experience our church community is to visit either online or in person.  Please fill out the Visitor information on the link below.