UUCNH Fundraising Activities

Your participation can help us raise funds at UUCNH

Fundraising Activities

Some of our in-house fundraising activities are silent auctions as well as events like our chili cookoff, family movie nights, and a Fall pantry harvest gourmet dinner.  Questions?  Talk to Ellen Saksen.

In the meantime, when you use Amazon Smile or purchase Grocery Cards or even an Equal Exchange/Fair Trade Item, you are actually helping to support Fundraising at UUCNH.

Grocery Cards and Equal Exchange/Fair Trade Items

An Easy Way to Help UUCNH Fund Its Programs

Chris Hill and Joe Meier are no longer selling grocery card/equal exchange items one evening a month.  We are now selling grocery cards in Friendship Hall after the Sunday service as was done in pre-pandemic times.  Coffee, Tea and Chocolate is always available from the usual display, also in Friendship Hall.

Here is our Grocery Card schedule:

Lindsay Scott – 1st Sunday
Joe Meier – 2nd Sunday
Michael Horwitz – 3rd Sunday
Mary Ellen Johnson – 4th Sunday
Beth Zak – 5th Sunday as needed.

Every grocery card seller is also an usher that week, so be patient and have a cup of coffee or snack until we get settled in to sell cards at the usual bench in Friendship Hall. Thanks to everyone who continued to support this fundraiser throughout the Covid pandemic.  Seeing church folks once a month was wonderful.  We had a good run, but it’s time for some normalcy to return.

UUCNH benefits from you buying Giant Eagle and/or Kuhn’s Gift Cards at no extra expense to you!  Both stores donate $5 to UUCNH for every $100 of gift card value sold.  Mother Earth and small-scale farmers benefit when you buy Equal Exchange Fair Trade Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate.

  • Organic Dark Chocolate bars-with Almonds, With Mint, with Lemon, Ginger, & Black Pepper (NEW!);
  • Very Dark (up to 80%!) plus;
  • Organic Milk Chocolate with a hint of hazelnut ($4 each, or 3 for $10).
  • And we have a Chamomile, Rooibos and Chai Teas ($4 each) to warm you up!
  • Organic Coffee-French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Mind, Body & Soul, or Decaf, available in whole bean or drip grind ($9/bag).

Upcoming Services

You are always welcome to visit

The best way to experience our church community is to visit either online or in person.  Please fill out the Visitor information on the link below.