Board of Trustees

Alison Smith – President

Jen Suehr – Immediate Past President

Geoff Coleman – Vice President

Chuck Berry – Board Member

David Miles – Board Member

Erin Terrizzi – Board Member

Allyson Zadnik – Board Member

UUCNH Organizational Chart (ORG Chart)

UUCNH Board of Trustees Covenant

We, the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills, freely enter into this covenant. Together, we will work for the benefit of the mission of UUCNH. We affirm that all of these parties are in partnership as we undertake this work.

To these ends, we agree:

  • To speak with one voice once a Board decision has been made

  • To manage interpersonal conflicts in a constructive way through private conversation and to avoid triangulation

  • To each do our share of the work in a timely fashion; not to do more than our share of the work

  • To hold in confidence information we as a Board may receive in confidence and sensitive information discussed in Executive Session, while maintaining the transparency of our processes and open Board meetings

  • To accept our roles as Board members as more than monthly meeting participation and use between meeting time for action on our goals

  • To always assume good intentions

  • To show up and be present

  • To indicate to the President when we are unable to attend

  • To begin and end on time

  • To speak freely and listen attentively to each other

  • To respond to one another in a timely fashion, recognizing that silence will be interpreted as agreement, but that constructive response is preferred

  • To participate in, as we are able, Sunday mornings and other UUCNH events

You are always welcome to visit

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