The Ministry Council is charged with coordinating the ministry programs of the Church. The Council consists of the Minister, who serves as its Chair, and three Ministry Coordinators. The Director of Lifespan Faith Development will also participate in this group as needed.

The charge to the Council is to coordinate and support the efforts of the various Ministry Teams. The goal is to eliminate overlaps in these efforts and to fill gaps where efforts are lacking.

The Council is charged with developing its own policies and procedures. As these are developed, the Council is charged with considering what changes should be made to its CAR Document and communicating them to the Board of Trustees for its deliberation and approval processes.


The Council is envisioned to be primarily a coordinating body. As such, it has the authority to:

  • Assist the Minister (its chair) in carrying out the ministry and program functions of the Church. In this, the Council is to be guided by policies promulgated by the Board, including the CAR documents of the Ministry Teams.
  • Help ensure that there are no inconsistencies or conflicts between teams. If it determines that any such issues exist, it has the authority to work with the teams to attempt to resolve the issues. If issues continue to exist, the Council has the authority to refer these issues to the Board for resolution.
  • Communicate with the Board, through the Minister, about the ministry of the Church.
  • Propose changes to this document to the Board.


  1. Communicate directly with each Ministry Team to ensure they are aware of their CAR Document, maintaining the Master List for their team, and planning for a clear path for succession of the leadership within their team.
  2. Maintain a relationship with and provide updates as necessary to the Board through the Minister.
  3. Submit a report on its activities for inclusion in the UUCNH Annual Report to the Congregation.

Approved by the Board 12/18/19

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