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UUCNH – Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills

We are courageous, curious, and compassionate thinkers and doers.

Our roots are in activism and change

Our church, even though located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, has radical roots.  Our ancestors were leaders in the move to abolish slavery and grant the vote to women.  We have a history of being self-motivated spiritual people.  We think for ourselves and recognize that life experience influences our beliefs along with our own educational background.

We have been at the forefront of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer inclusion for more than 40 years. We are people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

As a group of people with diverse beliefs, we take the golden rule one step further.  All religions claim to treat others the way that we like to be treated.  At UUCNH, we try to treat people the way that they like to be treated. In this way, we accept people just as they are.

We come from a variety of faith backgrounds

Because of that, we understand that we do need not think alike to love alike. We are people of many beliefs and backgrounds.  Some members have a religious background and others do not. Some members believe in a God, and others don’t, and still others are uncertain.

As a congregation of the UUA, we are Unitarian Universalist and Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, atheist and agnostic, believers in God, and more.

Who we are inside the numbers?

Seventy-five percent of the survey respondents are members of the congregation with the remaining 25% identifying as friends. A quarter of the congregation have been members for over 20 years but over a third have joined in the past five years. Many of our members are in fact new to UUism itself. While our religious backgrounds are those of our youth – Catholic, Protestant and Jewish – we now draw from a number of faith traditions/world views to inform our journey. We are closely tied to UUCNH as 70% find either a lot or a great deal of comfort from our association with UUism and this church in particular.

We are a multi-generational group; approximately 45% of the members and friends are over 60 but almost that many are in their 30s and 40s, many with young children who participate in religious education. We are primarily white (over 90%), female (62%), well educated (a majority with advanced degrees), and well off, although there is a sizeable fraction who face economic challenges.

Why we attend church

Over 60% of our members are either in Sunday services or are teaching RE classes at least three times per month, with another 20% here at least twice a month. We come to church for many reasons with denominational involvement, adult RE, coffee hours, fellowship and social action/service opportunities being the top five motivators. In addition to attending Sunday services, many of us are here during the week attending committee and team meetings, choir practice and fellowship groups such as the covenant circles or craft group. Many members represent UUCNH outside of the Barn at the Pittsburgh UU Cluster, Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network and various community organizations in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

Why not join us for worship this week?

We are diverse in faith, ethnicity, history, and spirituality, but aligned in our desire to make a difference for the good. We have a track record of standing on the side of love, justice, and peace. In the North Hills of Pittsburgh, we are a beacon for hope and acceptance.

We welcome you: your whole self, with all your truths and your doubts, your worries, and your hopes. Join us on this extraordinary adventure of faith. Get involved with our progressive religious community in the North Hills of Pittsburgh!

Frequently Asked Questions for our community

What are the current COVID-19 Guidelines?2022-05-04T13:28:53-04:00

Church Reopening on Sunday Mornings 

Effective Sunday, October 3, 2021, UUCNH will reopen for Sunday morning services.  Services will still be available via live stream, as will virtual coffee hour.  For those that want to attend in person, PLEASE REVIEW THE COMPLETE IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE POLICY by CLICKING HERE.


What are Sunday Services Like?2021-11-01T16:30:57-04:00

Our Sunday services are a great way to begin to get to know us better. Services focus on a wide variety of religious, philosophical, personal, and social issues. Sunday services typically include music, meditation and prayer, hymns, readings, and a sermon. They are led by our minister, our musicians, and a weekly Lay Leader. Occasionally, services are led by a congregant or visiting speaker or minister. We invite you to come visit us and see if our open-minded, liberal religion feels right for you.

When and where are services held?2021-11-01T16:32:09-04:00

Services are held every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and typically last until 11:40 p.m. Our address is 2359 West Ingomar Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237. During the COVID Pandemic and/or until our building is reopened you can view our online services thru YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

Services are immediately followed by Isolation-Buster Zoom Coffee Hour by CLICKING HERE

Where is Our Location and Directions2021-11-01T16:33:42-04:00

Directions from Pittsburgh:

Take Rt. 279 North out of the city. After approximately 13 miles Rt. 279 will merge with Rt. 79 North. Take Exit #73 (Wexford). Get in the far right lane as you exit and turn right at the light onto Rt. 910 (Wexford Bayne Road).  Take the first immediate right onto Brandt School Road. Go 2.6 miles and turn right onto West Ingomar Road. The entrance to the church is approximately one-half mile down the road on the right.


Directions from North:
Take Rt. 79 South to Exit #73 (Wexford). Make a left onto Rt. 910 (Wexford Bayne Road).  At the second light make a right onto Brandt School Road. Go 2.6 miles and turn right onto West Ingomar Road. The entrance to the church is approximately one-half mile down the road on the right.


Directions from South:
Take Rt. 79 North to Exit #73 (Wexford). Get in the far right lane as you exit and turn right at the light onto Rt. 910 (Wexford Bayne Road).  Take the first immediate right onto Brandt School Road. Go 2.6 miles and turn right onto West Ingomar Road. The entrance to the church is approximately one-half mile down the road on the right.


Directions from Rt. 19 (McKnight Road):
Take Rt. 19 (McKnight Road) north through the business district and pass Ross Park Mall and McIntyre Square. You will pass Lowe’s on your left, then Outback Steakhouse on your left. Soon after, you will see an exit on the right for North Park. Take the very next exit on the right (towards Wexford, Ingomar Road). Go approximately 2 miles (you will pass Ingomar Elementary School on  your right and Kuhn’s Market on your left) and make a slight right to stay on West Ingomar Road. At the first stop sign, make a left to remain on West Ingomar Road. The entrance to the church is approximately one-half mile down the road on the right.

Is your church really an old dairy barn?2021-11-01T16:35:09-04:00

Yes! Though it is hard to tell from the inside, 50 years ago, a group of people spinning a church of First Unitarian Church downtown bought an old dairy barn and converted it into a church. Since then there have been several renovations and additions, but we are quite proud of our building’s unique history.

Is the church accessible for those with disabilities?2022-01-19T11:57:17-05:00

Yes. Our church is accessible in many ways to those with disabilities and special needs:

  • Large print orders of service are available
  • Hearing assist receivers are available. We have a hearing loop for those with compatible hearing aids
  • Handicapped parking and Sunday morning curbside assistance provided by Greeters
  • Wheelchairs and walkers are available
  • We have a lift to access the second floor
  • Gender-neutral restrooms may be found on the second floor
  • Interested in attending a program or activity in the church but require childcare Contact Childcare Coordinator, Dana Poss or fill out our Childcare Request Form.
  • Helping Hands can assist with your needs during this Pandemic, but please fill out our Pandemic Request Form and someone will be in contact with you.
How can I learn more about the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills?2022-01-08T13:09:20-05:00

Please stop by our visitors center and pamphlet racks next to the entryway. You can sign our visitor’s book and receive our monthly newsletter and/or our weekly e-news. You can also sign up for these here on the website. The “About Us Section of this website has a lot more information about our church. The resources page has a lot of sites about Unitarian Universalism. Please note that UUCNH offers a Meet the Church session about every two months which are a chance to ask questions, meet a few people, and learn more about the church and Unitarian Universalism. If you would like more information about how to become a member, visit or Path to Membership. We’re glad that you’ve found your way to UUCNH.

How do I meet other people?2021-11-01T16:40:17-04:00

Attend a service and stop by the Visitor Table in the foyer. Stay for coffee and conversation following the service. Sign up for a class in Adult Education. Join a fellowship group. Work with a committee. Talk to the minister. Contact a member of the Connections Team. There are lots of ways to get involved in the life of the congregation.

Are my beliefs welcome?2021-11-01T16:41:05-04:00

We embrace diversity of religious background and belief. Here you are affirmed for who you are. And challenged to become your best self. Here you can grow and change within a community of faith that grows and changes with you, that asks tough questions and offers real service, that helps you to live a more meaningful life.

Former UUA President, Peter Morales says, “I like to call Unitarian Universalism a religion that is beyond belief. We won’t ask you to try to believe what you find unbelievable. We do challenge ourselves to be faithful to our highest aspirations and to our most deeply held convictions.”

Are Children Welcome?2021-11-01T16:43:12-04:00

Of course – but please keep current with our COVID policy

Is there Child Care or Sunday School during church2022-01-19T11:59:01-05:00

Child care is available for vaccinated younger children during services. Religious Education classes are available for vaccinated children ages preschool and up.

If my child doesn’t separate well, can my child stay with me during the service?2021-11-01T16:46:03-04:00

Your child is always welcome to stay with you during the worship service. If your child becomes restless, you may want to sit in Friendship Hall where you can listen to the service on the speakers.

Special Congregational Meeting  Sunday, April 28, 2024

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