The Church has established a discretionary fund for use by the minister to support the ministry of the church. This policy establishes the approved use and limitations of the fund by the minister.


  • The funds shall be in a separate UUCNH checking account under the control of the minister and the treasurer.
  • The Church is to periodically remind the congregation of the existence of the fund for use in times of financial need and that donations to it are always welcome.
  • The minister is to have the discretion to make distributions from the fund as the minister determines to be in accordance with the mission of the congregation.
  • The minister is to maintain the confidentiality of beneficiaries of the fund.
  • The discretionary funds may not be distributed to or for the benefit of the minister or
    members of the minister’s family.
  • To the extent feasible, the minister is to keep receipts for expenditures.
  • On at least a semi-annual basis, the minister is to report to the President of the Board of
    Trustees on the general uses of the fund with no requirement for specific details.
  • The minister is also to give the person maintaining the Church’s bookkeeping records the amount of funds used in order to maintain accurate accounting records of the fund balance.

Approved by the UUCNH Board of Trustees: October 23, 2019

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