Solicitation at UUCNH and on behalf of UUCNH


This policy governs solicitation on church premises or at sponsored church events. It covers soliciting donations of money, goods, or services and also selling goods or services. It also covers the use of the name, UUCNH, in any form of solicitation.


The purpose of the policy is to give members and friends the opportunity to support the church and other charitable organizations by donating money or purchasing goods and services relating to church programs or charitable causes. However, we do not want members and friends to feel pressured into donating or purchasing items. Also, we do not want the church premises or the church name to be used for solicitation by an individual or business for personal gain.


Permitted Solicitations

The following solicitations are allowed:

  1. If the proceeds will be spent to acquire church property or support the church’s budget or programs, subject to permission from the Finance Committee or Board of Trustees.
  2. If all proceeds will be given to an outside charitable organization whose missions are specifically supported by one of the church’s teams, committees, or groups. An example is Share the Plate.
  3. If the seller is a speaker or performer, specifically invited by the church as part of a worship service or special event, who wishes to sell their printed or recorded materials.
  4. If the solicitation indirectly benefits the church and is approved by the church Board of Trustees. An example is church directory photographs.

Prohibited Solicitations –

The following solicitations are not allowed:

  1. If any part of the proceeds will go to an outside for-profit organization or person, except as specifically permitted in paragraphs 3 or 4 above.
  2. If any part of the proceeds will go to any political candidate or political party/organization.
  3. If any part of the proceeds will go to any outside charitable organization not specifically supported by church groups as described in paragraph 2 above. This provision prohibits both members and nonmembers (as well as their children) from soliciting for their own favorite causes. Examples include scouts, athletic teams, school trips, disease research organizations, political action groups, and the like.


  1. The chair or leader of the group sponsoring the solicitation is responsible to ensure the solicitation is in accordance with this policy. Questions regarding interpretation or application of this policy should be directed to the Board of Trustees.
  2. The chair or leader of the group sponsoring the solicitation must notify the Board of Trustees President, in writing, at least one Board meeting prior to the date of the solicitation.
  3. The group sponsoring the solicitation will be responsible for setting up and taking down any tables, chairs, posters, etc. related to the solicitation. Displays will be set up along the edges of rooms, so that members and friends will not be confronted with the solicitation. Informative signage is encouraged so that it is clear what is being solicited or sold. Solicitors are not allowed to approach members and friends to ask for donations or sales.

Requests for exceptions to this policy must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees no later than the Board meeting that precedes the solicitation.

Approved by the UUCNH Board of Trustees: July 17, 2019