Stewardship is connected to and underpins everything in our Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH) mission, since money supports maintaining a building, compensating staff, and paying for programming. For the balance of the CAR Document.

Master List for the Committee

  • September
    • First Team meeting to discuss an annual goal, e.g., “To expect commitment and generosity.” Stewardship and Finance Chairs meet to discuss the status of pledges.
  • October
    • Chair shares a “snapshot” of pledge groupings with the Team and after discussion, with the Congregation.
    • General reminder of UUCNH’s history of generosity, service and sacrifice.
    • Discuss the annual format of pledge collections, e.g.:
      • One-on-one Canvassing
      • Stewardship Sunday–entire congregation
      • Small Group dinners and pledging
    • Set calendar dates for Lead Pledgers Thank You Event and Pledge Collection
  • November
    • Set a Pledge Leader Amount for the following year.
    • Publish an announcement of the amount with rationale.
    • Design a “Giving Guide” pamphlet/pie chart
  • December
    • Write a short report for the Mid-year Congregational meeting.
  • January
    • Present the report at the mid-year meeting.
    • Discuss Testimonial speakers and timeline with the Minister.
    • Send out invitations/rsvps to the Lead Pledgers for the Thank You Event
    • Construct a calendar of activities leading up to the Pledge Event
  • February
    • Chair solicits early pledging from the Board of Trustees, the Stewardship Team, and RE Teacher
    • Host the Pledge Event.
  • March
    • Submit a Budget to the Finance Committee.
    • Organize, create and host the annual Stewardship Event.
  • April
    • Debrief regarding what “worked well (or not)” regarding the Stewardship Event.
    • Chair of Stewardship and Chair of Finance meet regarding outstanding pledges.
    • Contact members who have not pledged.
    • Submit an Annual Report to the Congregation
  • May
    • Continue collecting pledge cards. Write for the Intercom.
  • June
    • Continue collecting pledge cards through end of the month. Write for the Intercom. Work on Simple Gifts Program: brochure and greeting card. Meet with the artist to finalize the design.
  • July
    • Simple Gifts Program is ready for launch and inter-church publicity.
  • August
    • Attend Committee of Chairs Retreat.

Responsibilities to the Congreation

  • Written Communications
    • Blog
    • Stewardship UUCNH Website
    • Occasional Intercom Columns
  • Promote Themes
    • Stewardship is about money.
    • A history of sacrifice, service and generosity
  • Conduct Coffee and Conversation sessions to:
    • Address concerns
    • Provide information/rationales
  • Simple Gifts Program and Information Piece
  • Legacy Program and Pamphlet
  • Team Diversity Recommendations
    • Technology Expert
    • Lead Pledger
    • RE Member
    • Team Tenure
    • Board Liaison

July 17, 2015

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