During the course of the year, inclement weather may cause the church to be closed for Sunday Services and/or weekday events. Team and committee leaders, members, and church staff will use their best judgment regarding whether coming to church is a safe option during inclement weather


The UUCNH inclement weather policy will be posted in the following locations:

  • On the church website
  • In the weekly enews (Intercom), the Sunday Order of Service, and on the UUCNH Community Facebook page at the beginning of the season and periodically as a reminder throughout the winter months

In the case of INCLEMENT WEATHER, the church might be closed.

On inclement Sundays, review the delays and closing scroll on the ABC TV broadcast station (WTAE) for an announcement about Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills cancellation and/or check the UUCNH Facebook page for information on our closing/delay status.

On weekdays, Church staff will determine if traveling to the church is safe. Staff may work from home on days when the church is closed due to inclement weather. Delayed openings may be in effect as needed; though staff will open the church on time if it is safe to do so.

During times of the year when schools are not in session, UUCNH may also be closed if county or city government non-essential services are canceled or delayed due to inclement weather. Our staff will perform their work as safety allows.

How the decision will be made to cancel a Sunday Morning Service:

When inclement weather occurs that might/does impact travel or church access on Sunday morning, the Minister and a board representative will seek to speak to one another concerning the accessibility of the church premises as well as the overall condition of West Ingomar Rd. The decision to close or cancel services and activities will be made by 8:00 a.m. If services/activities are canceled, all ministries are asked to adhere to this policy for the safety of participants and the security of the building.

The Minister or board representative will update the cancellation on the WTAE TV station and the UUCNH Community Facebook page.

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