Policy for In‐Person Gatherings


Policy for In‐Person Gatherings at UUCNH During the Covid‐19 Pandemic This is the seventh revision to the original August 2020 policy and is effective as of August 17, 2022. Purpose: Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, UUCNH has managed the crisis by carefully navigating through a multi-faceted and layered approach to restrictions on [...]

Policy for In‐Person Gatherings2022-08-22T09:29:36-04:00

Document Management Policy


Introduction: Documents are a vital part in the effective functioning of any organization. We need a repository both for documents on a short-term basis to help us to work consistently and productively and also to keep track of progress in projects and activities. Creating standards for document management and ensuring that documents are created, [...]

Document Management Policy2021-11-20T13:45:53-05:00

New Groups Policy


Purpose: The Ministry Council is responsible for approving new groups. While new and experimental small groups can have value, they do use resources such as the e-news, money, and the energy of those involved. Here are some considerations to ponder before taking steps to start a new group: Determine which program area of the [...]

New Groups Policy2021-11-20T15:50:33-05:00

Children and Youth Safety Policy


UUCNH Children & Youth Safety Policy Approved by the UUCNH Board of Directors on 05/19/20 Purpose  1.1 The purpose of this policy is to help prevent and protect children and youth who attend UUCNH from harm and abuse when in the presence of unsupervised paid staff and volunteers. It is important that all paid staff [...]

Children and Youth Safety Policy2023-04-27T07:24:35-04:00

Celebration Garden Policy (formerly the Memorial Garden)


The Memorial Garden (MG) of The Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH) is primarily a place to remember those who were important in our lives, a place of spiritual repose, a place of connection between then and now, and a place for contemplation of what comes next.  But it is also a [...]

Celebration Garden Policy (formerly the Memorial Garden)2024-02-14T10:20:43-05:00

Inclement Weather Policy


Purpose: During the course of the year, inclement weather may cause the church to be closed for Sunday Services and/or weekday events. Team and committee leaders, members, and church staff will use their best judgment regarding whether coming to church is a safe option during inclement weather Policy The UUCNH inclement weather policy will [...]

Inclement Weather Policy2021-11-20T15:27:06-05:00

Ministers Discretionary Fund


Purpose: The Church has established a discretionary fund for use by the minister to support the ministry of the church. This policy establishes the approved use and limitations of the fund by the minister. Policy The funds shall be in a separate UUCNH checking account under the control of the minister and the treasurer. [...]

Ministers Discretionary Fund2021-11-20T15:37:41-05:00

Solicitation Policy


Solicitation at UUCNH and on behalf of UUCNH Applicability This policy governs solicitation on church premises or at sponsored church events. It covers soliciting donations of money, goods, or services and also selling goods or services. It also covers the use of the name, UUCNH, in any form of solicitation. Purpose The purpose of the [...]

Solicitation Policy2021-11-17T10:20:34-05:00

Gifts Acceptance Policy


Purpose: This policy is designed to provide guidance to the UUCNH community so as to facilitate the process for UUCNH’s acceptance of gifts. It is not intended to stifle philanthropic creativity. Therefore, this policy is to be interpreted liberally so that prospective donors may enjoy the greatest freedom possible in formulating their gifts. Acceptance [...]

Gifts Acceptance Policy2021-11-20T15:38:23-05:00

Alcohol Policy


Purpose: This policy establishes limitations on the sale, serving, and/or use of alcoholic beverages on UUCNH property and at UUCNH -sponsored functions by Members and non-Members. These limitations are necessary to protect against potential liabilities resulting from such activities. UUCNH recognizes that use of or abstinence from alcohol is a personal choice and that some may be uncomfortable [...]

Alcohol Policy2021-11-20T13:07:01-05:00
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