The Ministry Council is responsible for approving new groups. While new and experimental small groups can have value, they do use resources such as the e-news, money, and the energy of those involved. Here are some considerations to ponder before taking steps to start a new group:

  • Determine which program area of the church your activity would fall under, so that you can be in touch with the appropriate staff person or team/committee chair to talk about your idea.
  • After talking with that person, does it still make sense to start something new, rather than partnering with an existing group?
  • If it does, then take a look at our Application for UUCNH Group to help you think through what you want to do, and how you want to engage the congregation.
  • Recruit at least five members from the UUCNH community who will commit to be part of the initial committee.
  • Think through: what you hope to accomplish; how it supports the mission and goals of the church; what your next specific action steps will be; and what kind of support you might want from the congregation. With these considerations in mind, fill out the Application for UUCNH Group and submit it to the Ministry Council.

Application for a UUCNH Group

  1.  Name of Group
  2. Primary Contact Person (This should be the person who has agreed to chair the group and must be a UUCNH member).

  3. How will your group’s ministry uniquely contribute to fulfilling our Mission Statement?
  4. Describe in brief the team’s goals.
  5. For social justice projects, please describe how it fits within our current social justice focus.
  6. Please list at least five UUCNH members or friends who will be part of the committee at the formation of the group that also agree to serve on the committee for at least one year
  7. What amount do you anticipate requesting from the annual operating budget? (Please include itemized, additional detail as appropriate)
  8. What support (other than money) do you need from the greater UUCNH community?

Thank you for contributing to our beloved community!

Ministry Council responsibilities:

  • Developing CAR document
  • Assigning liaison with Ministry Council
  • Documenting on Breeze and Org Chart

Approved by the UUCNH Board of Trustees: February 16, 2021

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