This policy establishes limitations on the sale, serving, and/or use of alcoholic beverages on UUCNH property and at UUCNH -sponsored functions by Members and non-Members. These limitations are necessary to protect against potential liabilities resulting from such activities. UUCNH recognizes that use of or abstinence from alcohol is a personal choice and that some may be uncomfortable with alcoholic beverages at Church events. This policy does not suggest that alcohol is necessarily appropriate for any given event, nor does it encourage or discourage the consumption of alcohol.


  1. Serving and Sale of Alcohol. Alcohol may be served or sold at UUCNH-sponsored activities or events, provided the consumption of alcohol is incidental to the main purpose of the sponsored activity. Examples include serving alcohol at a religious ceremony, serving or selling alcohol at a Church-sponsored dinner event, or serving or selling alcohol at a Church-sponsored social gathering, such as a picnic, provided the consumption of the alcoholic beverages is an incidental or secondary reason for the gathering. No minor shall be served or consume alcohol at a UUCNH event or on UUCNH property, and no alcohol shall be served or sold to any person who is obviously intoxicated.
  2. B.Y.O.B. UUCNH Members and guests may bring alcohol for their own personal consumption to UUCNH events unless alcohol consumption is not permitted at such an event. (See #5) An individual doing so shall bear full responsibility for any consequences of consumption of that alcohol.
  3. Alcohol Use on UUCNH Properties by Non-UUCNH Individuals and Organizations. Under the following conditions, alcohol may be sold, served, and/or provided by individuals or organizations using UUCNH property at non-church-related. events, subject to conditions of the Facilities Use Policy and Facilities Use Procedure.
    1. The person or organization selling, serving, and/or providing alcohol shall be aware of and abide by all applicable laws and regulations.
    2. Those using UUCNH property and selling, serving, and/or providing alcohol shall carry insurance coverage that names UUCNH as an additional insured on the policy. The person or organization shall indemnify and hold harmless UUCNH for any consequences of the sale and/or consumption of alcohol on UUCNH properties. Proof of such insurance shall be provided in advance of the event.
  4. Events at Members’ Homes. This policy does not apply to events held at Members’ homes.
  5. Alcohol-Free Events. Alcohol consumption is not appropriate at certain events, including Sunday morning services, children and youth religious education classes, Coffee Hour, and other events identified by organizers as alcohol-free.

Approved by the UUCHN Board of Trustees – 9-13-2012

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