Share the Basket Policy


Purpose: This policy supports our Social Action efforts by providing financial contributions to various charities on a regular basis. By sharing our members’ contributions to our Sunday collection basket we intend to enhance our positive impact outside of our congregation and increase the sense of generosity within it. Policy On one (1) Sunday each [...]

Share the Basket Policy2021-11-20T16:04:11-05:00

Facilities Use Policy


Purpose: The Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH) wishes to make its church building and grounds available for use by its members and friends and by the community at reasonable rates for activities or events that are consistent with our Mission and Principles. This policy addresses the types of facilities uses allowed and the conditions for [...]

Facilities Use Policy2021-11-20T15:33:27-05:00

Parking Spaces Policy


Purpose: This policy identifies the intended use of the upper-level parking (with good access to the church building for those who need it) and designates Visitor parking. Policy Upper-Level Parking Six (6) parking spaces in the upper lot shall be reserved for individuals with disabled or handicapped parking permits. These spaces will meet Americans [...]

Parking Spaces Policy2021-11-20T15:59:15-05:00

Website Policy


Purpose: This policy governs the purpose, content, and administration of the UUCNHwebsite. It seeks to establish a web presence that will serve as a public face for our church and that will facilitate church business and activities for our members, friends, and staff. Policy: The UUCNH website shall be developed and maintained to: serve as a [...]

Website Policy2021-11-17T09:03:34-05:00
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