This policy supports our Social Action efforts by providing financial contributions to various charities on a regular basis. By sharing our members’ contributions to our Sunday collection basket we intend to enhance our positive impact outside of our congregation and increase the sense of generosity within it.


On one (1) Sunday each month, fifty percent (50%) of the non-designated funds contributed to our collection basket shall be donated to a charity selected in advance by the Social Action Committee and approved by the UUCNH Board of Trustees. The Social Action Committee and the Sunday Services Committee shall share responsibility for and coordinate communication to the congregation about this program. The selected charity for a given month shall be publicized at least a week in advance of the collection so that members and friends are aware of it. The Board of Trustees shall review the percentage of the collections to be donated and the program results at least annually.

Guidelines for implementing this policy:

  • Non-designated funds for this purpose are those contributions of cash or checks with no designation on the check memo line or the envelope. This is intended to exclude contributions for pledge fulfillment or those designated to another specific purpose.
  • The UUCNH Social Action Committee should strive to identify a range of charities (local, regional, national and international) for this program to ensure that our congregation’s contributions will connect with those in need on many levels.
  • The announcement of the selected charity for a given month should include a short description of that charity’s goals and efforts, along with any connection to UUCNH and our members & friends.
  • At each Share the Basket service, the congregation should be reminded of the purpose and mechanics of the program and how to identify their offering.
  • Where appropriate and feasible, guests from the selected charity may be invited to speak about their organization during announcements or after the service.
  • When UUCNH has a guest speaker who represents a charity, there may be a special, one-time collection for this organization separate from the Share the Basket program. This special collection must be requested in advance by the Social Action Committee for the Board’s approval, and communicated to the Sunday Services Committee.

Approved by the UUCNH Board of Trustees: 12/13/2011

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