This policy governs the purpose, content, and administration of the UUCNHwebsite. It seeks to establish a web presence that will serve as a public face for our church and that will facilitate church business and activities for our members, friends, and staff.


  1. The UUCNH website shall be developed and maintained to:
    1. serve as a vehicle for external church communications, marketing, and outreach;
    2. attract and retain new members;
    3. support the church community by fostering internal communication of upcoming events, services and projects, and information of interest to our church community and committees;
    4. keep our church community and interested others informed about the UUA; and
    5. communicate our guiding principles and beliefs in a clear and consistent manner.
  2. Content on the UUCNH website shall be consistent with these objectives and with ourUnitarian Universalist principles. All discussion in forums or postings to the website shall be civil in tone. No form of electoral politics shall be engaged in by any person or group on the website. This specifically prohibits content supporting or opposing a candidate for public office or a political party. Personal contact information for individual members of the congregation – phone number, email address, etc. – shall not be posted on the website except by permission of the individual
  3. The UUCNH website shall be developed and maintained by a web administrator appointed by the Board of Trustees, with support from the Publicity Committee, in accordance with this policy and other direction of the Board. The web administrator shall authorize individual members of committees to manage certain content related to the committee’s work, as appropriate and when requested by the committee’s chairperson.

Approved by the UUCNH Board of Trustees: 10/11/2010