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UUCNH – You can feel community in a time of isolation

UUCNH is a welcoming liberal faith community in the North Hills of Pittsburgh


Green Sanctuary

UUCNH Green Sanctuary Bringing Green Living to Our Church and Our Community UUCNH Green Sanctuary Green Sanctuary is a Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) program that is designed to guide congregations on a path of assessment and discovery followed by activities related to environmental [...]

Life can be worth living again

Simply put, we are a guided path towards a better you and a better world.  We have no creed only a community that helps you live a meaningful and joyful life.

  • At UUCNH we reconnect with the web of life
  • We gather people together with meaning and inspiration
  • We are a house without walls
  • We are a congregation without spiritual limits
  • We challenge you to have more faith in yourself, your community, and your beliefs
  • We are a faith that honors your mind, your heart, your journey

Who we are at UUCNH

Early in our UUCNH history a minister of ours summed up who we are with “we agree, not that we must think alike, but that we will endeavor to walk together” in each person’s search for truth and meaning.

  • We are grounded in hundreds of years of thoughtful religious communities. Our own church has been here for over 60years
  • We are people of many  generations, ethnicities, genders and sexualities, and spiritual backgrounds
  • We are a people engaged in making the world a better place
  • We are a people focusing on what really matters– love, justice, integrity, and hope

UUCNH Mission:

By building a loving religious community that nourishes the spirit, celebrates life, and cherishes the connectedness of all things, we will transform ourselves and our world.

At UUCNH we are always learning

We love that we see the world from different perspectives – What unites us are our core principles that uphold seven real-world values:

  • Believing in the worthiness of every person

  • Showing compassion and fairness

  • Accepting others for who they are

  • Growing through a personal search for truth

  • Leading with Democratic spirt

  • Working for justice

  • Working for justice

UUCNH is a community

When we gather together each week, we worship, reflect, and remind ourselves what matters most in life.

Whatever our age, we learn to live with more wisdom, more awareness, more gratitude, and more soul.

We show our values by showing up to answer the call for social justice.

We have a track record of standing on the side of love for civil rights, LGBTQ equality, voter redistricting reform, immigration reform, environmental sustainability, reproductive justice, black lives matter, and more.

Call to action:

Find what it means to live your deepest values out loud. Join us on this extraordinary adventure of faith. Visit us or join us by zoom this week.

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You are always welcome to visit

The best way to experience our church community is to visit either online or in person.  Please fill out the Visitor information on the link below.

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