Project Description

UUCNH Green Sanctuary

Bringing Green Living to Our Church and Our Community

UUCNH Green Sanctuary

Green Sanctuary is a Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) program that is designed to guide congregations on a path of assessment and discovery followed by activities related to environmental justice and tackling climate change. The Green Sanctuary program is an opportunity for congregations to engage in an in-depth review of the church’s activities related to the last of our seven principles: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

The Green Sanctuary journey provides a framework for us to work together to deepen and broaden our commitment to the Earth, to conservation and environmental action, and to justice through designing and implementing at least 12 projects in the following areas: worship and celebration, religious education, sustainable living, and environmental justice. The Green Sanctuary process involves five steps culminating in certification:

  • Begining

  • Assessments

  • Action Plans

  • Applying for Candidacy

  • Accreditation

UUCNH Green Sanctuary Status

Our Green Sanctuary (GS) team has been very busy since our first meeting in January of 2017.  Some of our green work has included conducting an energy audit. We are even working to produce some of our own electric demand with renewable energy.  In October 2018, we installed our first 12 solar panels (3.6 kW) through a Community Give Back Program. We have held “Our Place in the Web” seminars that have covered lowering our carbon footprint through the elimination of stuff, and other similar topics.

Our new Memorial Garden will provide a beautiful green oasis to our grounds, complete with a sustainable landscape that integrates native trees and shrubs. The garden will also include a pollinator and rain garden.

Our GS Team developed weekly “Green Living Ideas” that are posted on our website. These include a variety of green tips on everything from reducing our consumption, recycling, and conserving not only energy, but our natural habitat at home and in the community at large. To expand on these green ideas and in an effort to keep the conversation going, we are also developing a monthly “Green Light” topic. These topics will eventually be posted in Friendship Hall in order to encourage conversation around them at coffee hour.

Our GS Team has also held the Earth Day Sunday services since we have begun. In this service, we incorporate a variety of hands-on green activities to engage the RE children and inspire their young and curious minds.

Our passionate group applied for our Green Sanctuary candidacy in spring of 2019. We are now excited to announce that  in 2023 we have received the accreditation.  UUCNH is now officially a green sanctuary!

Green Living Ideas

Small changes made by many people make big changes for the future of our world. Be part of it. Browse the ideas for green living to find those right for you:

UUCNH Green Sanctuary Solar Array

Many of you have been asking about the solar array’s production on the roof.  Now you can check it out for yourself by CLICKING HERE. The link provides public access to monitor the system in real time!

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