Russia’s attack on Ukraine began exactly four weeks ago. It is hard to see and hear of the devastation of people’s homes, the displacement of millions of people, both internally and to other countries, especially Poland. And, of course, the deaths. Four weeks of relentless bombing, seemingly wiping out an entire civilization. One that feels remarkably close to ours.

Who can you trust when giving?

It can be especially hard to deal with such tragedy and injustice when we may feel powerless to do anything. If you are helped by doing something to help and would like suggestions as to how I offer the following from the Unitarian Universalist Association:
We invite congregations to support the Hungarian Unitarian Church directly (PDF) in its effort to care for refugees as well as consider supporting the UUSC Emergency Relief Fund for Ukraine Response and the International Women’s Convocation’s Faithify Campaign.
I like giving through UUA or UUSC-recommended sources because they are reliable and I can be sure my donation is really serving the people in need. I should mention that the first resource mentioned above is an effort coordinated by our Unitarian congregations in Transylvania, which is now in Romania, which borders Ukraine. If you’d like to know more about this group of Unitarians who go back to the 1500’s, I’m happy to talk about it anytime.
In faith,
Rev. Jane