At UUCNH, we are all skeptical people that did our research before we even walked into the door at our church. Today people looking for churches use the Internet to find a place to try out. We have invested time and money in our new website, but that is only useful if people looking for a church to come to the site. We need your help to get people to go to our site and our church.

Leave UUCNH a Google Review

We are in the middle of our pledge campaign right now. Why not spend a small amount of your time to help bring new members to our church. If you have a great story to tell about your experience, tell others about it. In your review, try to pull out a few of the following:

  • Tell us about a problem that you were struggling with before you found our church
  • Explain the transformation that occurred for you when you joined
  • Speak to any challenges that the church has helped you overcome

Here is an example of a review. It is one that I would post if I was not an admin for our Google Account.

Before I started attending UUCNH, I found that I was surrounded by people in the church that I was attending that did not hold the same progessive and eco-friendly views that my spouse and I hold.  And, I found I had to skip words in the creeds or prayers that were being offered because I did not beleive them.

UUCNH has transformed my spirtual life and has met my deep need for community.  I am surrounded by people that respect my views even when they do not agree with my views.  And since there is no ‘creed’ that we have to say each week, I am able to fully participate in the service.  Most importantly, the members are there for us, especaully when battling cancer or a pandemic. This has been really important in these last two two years where many of us feel isolated and alone.

If you are still stuck, ask yourself these seven questions:

  1. What problem were you struggling with before you started to worship with us?
  2. What was it costing you in terms of time, money, happiness, health, relationships, opportunities, influence, or reputation? Are there any other areas in which it was holding you back?
  3. What was your favorite thing about attending UUCNH?
  4. Was there something we offered you that the other churches you tried did not?
  5. How long did it take for you to start noticing a difference?
  6. What changes and results have you gotten by being a member with us?
  7. What effects have those changes had on your life?

Please click the link below to leave a review at Google. Then, for Extra Credit, go to our Facebook page and leave a similar assessment.