Policy for In‐Person Gatherings at UUCNH During the Covid‐19 Pandemic

This is the seventh revision to the original August 2020 policy and is effective as of August 17, 2022.

Purpose: Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, UUCNH has managed the crisis by carefully navigating through a multi-faceted and layered approach to restrictions on in-person gatherings. This seventh revision of our policy is much simplified, acknowledging the likelihood that the Covid-19 virus will be with us for years to come, continually changing and evolving.

Development of new vaccines and treatments, as well as changes in the virus, have reduced the severity of health risks from the disease compared to 2020. Since we cannot predict future changes, we must remain vigilant, but flexible. The task force established to monitor developments and make recommendations to the Board will continue to do so until a policy is no longer needed.

Everyone wants a safe environment for all our members, particularly those most vulnerable, and the essential spiritual support of gathering in community. Keep in mind that each person has their own view of what is comfortable and responsible in this New Normal.

Requirements for In‐person Gatherings at UUCNH

1. Everyone ages 5 and above must be fully vaccinated against Covid according to the CDC guidelines; must be Covid symptom-free; and have no recent Covid exposure or positive Covid test.

2. When the Allegheny County Covid risk level is high:

  • Masks are required indoors
  • No food is allowed indoors, and personal-use beverage only

3. When the Allegheny County Covid risk level is medium or low:

  • Masks are optional
  • Food and beverage indoors is OK

4. In all cases, everyone is expected to be sensitive that others will have different comfort levels. Give space. Ask for space. Consider masking as a simple accommodation. Assume the good intentions of others as we all navigate this together

Approved by the UUCNH Board of Trustees on August 16, 2022