On How To Be An Ally

Sanctuary (West Room)

An Ally is any person who supports, empowers, or stands up for another person or a group of people. Join us as Rev. Lee Anne explores some of the many ways to be an ally and shares her personal story about trying to be one, while also being threatened with arrest.

From This We Live

Sanctuary (West Room)

Our Beloved Community is nourished by our contributions of time, talent, and treasure. During this Sunday’s service, we will learn about what it takes financially to nourish, sustain, and grow our community. We will also engage in a deeply reflective litany based on Kahil Gibran’s thoughts On Giving. For the young and young at heart, […]

Sharing our Time, Talent & Treasure: What season are you in?

Sanctuary (West Room)

During this stewardship pledge season, it is important to understand that just as the seasons change, so does our ability to share our time, talent, and treasure. Join Rev. Lee Anne as she explores some age-old wisdom about the seasons of life and how to embrace the one you’re in. This will be a shortened […]

Easter: What’s the Good News, Really?

Sanctuary (West Room)

Easter is the Christian celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the anointed one (Christ). For many Christians, the traditional interpretation of the Easter story has become the raison d’etre of Christianity. But was that always the case? Is there yet a more primary, deeper, and more hopeful message than “Jesus died for our […]

Membership Workshop


Are you interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism, about our church, or about the meaning of membership? If so, you are invited to join Rev. Lee Anne and the Connections Team this coming Saturday, April 13th from 9:30 to 2:30 (a free lunch will be provided).   Using a course developed by the Unitarian Universalist […]

Discerning, Deliberating, and Deciding

Sanctuary (West Room)

Life is full of options. Determining which ones to take and which ones to leave behind can make all the difference. Join us on Sunday as we explore the relationship between discernment, deliberation, and decision-making. Sunday’s service will include a new member’s ceremony, as well. After the service, the UUCNH Call Process Task Force will […]

Reclaim, Renew, Reimagine – A Passover Message

Sanctuary (West Room)

Our Stewardship Pledge Campaign has come to an end. As we celebrate the generosity and commitment of our beloved community, we will explore how this year's theme - Reclaim, Renew, Reimagine - relates to the upcoming Jewish Holiday of Passover.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Sanctuary (West Room)

Sunday is World Laughter Day. Join us as Rev. Lee Anne explores the many ways that laughter benefits our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Come prepared to laugh! The service will include a ceremonial signing of the Settled Ministry Agreement, followed by cake!

The Importance of Being Grounded

Sanctuary (West Room)

Ever feel out of sorts – achy all over, sluggish, and mentally foggy? Well, there’s an ancient practice, well-supported by medical science, that you might want to try.  Join Rev. Lee Anne as she explores the many benefits of being grounded. After the service, the Denominational Affairs Committee will be facilitating discussion about the proposed […]

Take Down These Walls – Pluralism’s Delicate Balance

Sanctuary (West Room)

When there are so many ways to divide us into those who are “in” and those who are “out,” how do we find common ground? Join Rev. Lee Anne as she explores the causes of and the antidotes to the natural tendency toward tribalism.