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UUCNH Programs for Liberal Adult Faith Development

4th Sunday Forum

The purpose of the 4th Sunday Forum is to provide a forum for group discussion of a wide latitude of topics deemed important to members of the group, and to provide the opportunity for those involved to hear, understand, and appreciate one another’s thoughts For more information, or to be added to the email distribution list that gets additional information about upcoming meetings, please contact Dick Myers  

Jesus Discussion Group

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Meditation with Friends

We welcome anyone interested in mindful meditation, whether you have little or no experience in meditation, or you have practiced for years. At each meeting we practice silent meditation, and walking or another form of movement meditation.  Other offerings vary meeting to meeting.  Examples are: guided meditation, loving-kindness meditation, readings or talks (audio or video) from wise teachers, deep relaxation, and sound meditation with crystal bowls.  Sue sends out updates and a reminder of each meeting the day before to anyone on the meditation email list.  Please contact Sue Luebbert to add your name to the email list or to reach her with any questions.

Sisters in Spirit is an ongoing self-guided women’s discussion circle. All women are welcome regardless of sex assigned at birth. The group is focused on developing spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth and connections between members. Group members take turns leading the discussions, resulting in a wide variety of topics and styles of presentation. The group opens to new members in October and April and participants are asked to commit to six-month sessions. Contact Michelle Broge-Connor or Rachael Smart to register.

Philosophical and Spiritual Insights Group

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UU Christian Perspectives

UU CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVES – Joe Meier and Edie Swihart
– Second Sunday of the month at 9:15 am
Not sure you’re a Christian anymore? Not sure what the word even means to you? You’re in good company! This casual, friendly discussion group is open to anyone with a Christian background interested in exploring the influence of our religious past on our varied spiritual journeys. First-time visitors and longtime members alike are welcome to drop by anytime to listen and share their perspectives on a wide range of engaging topics. Join us!

UUCNH Library

With our church-wide goal of developing our anti-racism awareness, there are many books in our church library available for you to read on this topic. Click the button below to view the list.  If you’re interested in checking something out that interests you and you need help with obtaining one or more of these titles, please contact Midge Miles or Maggie Wilson or see Breeze for contact info.

  • Books about ending racism
  • Unitarian Univeralism History
  • Progressive Movements
  • Women’s rights and equality

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