As this pandemic drags on and on, I’m sad that I haven’t been getting to know you as I’d like to, I’d talk to a wide range of you at coffee hour, or the other various ways we’d be gathering. For the great majority of my time with you we’ve been in shut-down, and there are people I haven’t seen at all this whole time.
Ministry is primarily about relationship. You may see me at the pulpit or read my columns in the e-news, but that’s a one-way exchange. I want to know YOU! So I’m reinstituting office hours, and as an extra incentive, I’m offering a special holiday gift to those who come to visit in my office. For the next three weeks, my office hours will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-3pm. I hope you’ll come!
Meanwhile, this Saturday I’ll be leading an Exploring UU session from 1-3pm, and all are welcome! I’ll also be officiating the memorial service for Dawn FitzGerald-Swidal at 4pm on Saturday.
See you at church,
Rev. Jane