The Leadership Development Team (LDT) is charged with identifying and training potential lay leaders and providing support and further leadership development to current congregational lay leaders, i.e., board members and committee chairs/team leads for the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills (UUCNH). The team is also responsible for nominating board members and its own members to the LDT in accordance with the by-laws and for conducting its work in a manner consistent with our current mission statement.


The LDT is empowered to choose whatever means it deems most appropriate to execute the charge and responsibilities in this document, subject to UUCNH Board policy and by-laws. The LDT is authorized to:

  • Develop and promote a path to leadership.
  • Nominate consenting church members to the LDT and the Board of Trustees, identifying one nominee for the Board to be on a leadership path of the vice presidency in their first year, the presidency in the second, and identified as past president in the third. The congregation’s approval of that candidate will serve as an advisory indication to the board of their preference for Board leadership.
  • Recommend, but not appoint or remove, committee chairs/team leads.


  1. Develop and maintain a Master List of activities, duties, timelines, tasks, formats, etc. for which the LDT is specifically responsible.
  2. Maintain a relationship with and provide a monthly update to the team’s Board Liaison.
  3. Develop and submit a proposed budget for the team as a part of the annual church budgeting process.
  4. Submit a report on the team’s activities for inclusion in the UUCNH annual report to the congregation.

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