Coffee Hour at UUCNH effective May 22

Last night, on the recommendation of the In-Person Gathering Task Force, the UUCNH Board amended the In-Person Gathering Policy to, among other changes allow limited coffee hours and food in small group meetings.

The Board would like to acknowledge that – after the past 2 years – this change can be jarring and create some anxiety. The delayed effective date is designed to ease that worry. Our belief is that this wonderfully resilient community will take the time necessary to process the change, send us feedback, and incorporate this new policy into their personal plans for May

Restrictions still in place

Other protections remain –

  • Vaccinations are still required,
  • Social distancing and current sanctuary seating will remain as is, and
  • Food is still prohibited for the Coffee Hour but individuals attending small group meetings may bring their own food and drink for personal use. Individuals attending group meetings may bring their own food and drink for personal use.

Board remains open to further amendments that will either relax or restrict as the COVID numbers dictate.

Between now and the May 22 effective date, please contact the Task Force (Barbara Draa, Connie Ritzert, Alex Saksen, Mark Swihart, Carol Watkins, Allyson Zadnik, or Andy Zadnik – contact info on Breeze) if you have any feedback.

We all look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your smile when you are ready! In the meantime,

Enjoy the weather,

Alex Saksen

Full Policy Link

Congregational Meeting  Sunday, June 9, 2024