There is so much trouble in the world right now. Runaway inflation, constant violence—often involving guns, often lethal—accelerating climate change, corrupt politicians, political and cultural divisiveness, a revival of patriarchy and white supremacy, a worldwide trend toward autocracy and nationalism just when we most need to cooperate on a worldwide level—the list goes on and on.
There are signs of hope as well. The recent COP26 summit in Scotland brought about some small victories for slowing climate change, President Biden’s infrastructure bill got passed and will make a big difference in communities across the U.S. The sun is shining as I write, and the trees are beautiful, even without their leaves.
In times like these, it is all the more important to practice gratitude. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, let us remember that gratitude is not limited to one day or even a holiday season. It is a practice that can help us deal with all the trouble and disappointment throughout the year.
Rev. Jane