Multigenerational Service/Discernment Vote

Sanctuary (West Room)

Join us for this intergenerational service coinciding with our Mystery Pals reveal, as we all get to know each other a little better and solve a few UUCNH mysteries along the way.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Sanctuary (West Room)

Sunday is World Laughter Day. Join us as Rev. Lee Anne explores the many ways that laughter benefits our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Come prepared to laugh! The service will include a ceremonial signing of the Settled Ministry Agreement, followed by cake!

The Importance of Being Grounded

Sanctuary (West Room)

Ever feel out of sorts – achy all over, sluggish, and mentally foggy? Well, there’s an ancient practice, well-supported by medical science, that you might want to try.  Join Rev. Lee Anne as she explores the many benefits of being grounded. After the service, the Denominational Affairs Committee will be facilitating discussion about the proposed […]

Take Down These Walls – Pluralism’s Delicate Balance

Sanctuary (West Room)

When there are so many ways to divide us into those who are “in” and those who are “out,” how do we find common ground? Join Rev. Lee Anne as she explores the causes of and the antidotes to the natural tendency toward tribalism.

What is Your Train Moment?

Sanctuary (West Room)

Gandhi’s passion for justice was ignited after facing discrimination and being ejected from the train to South Africa.  What fuels your passion for truth and justice?

A Holy Night: The Stonewall Inn Riots

Sanctuary (West Room)

What we experience as Pride month (often involving colorful public parties, arts & crafts festivals, and parades) began, not as a night of celebration, but as a night of riotous resistance to police enforcement of anti-gay laws at the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village. The five days of resistance which followed sparked the […]

God Loves a Garden

Sanctuary (West Room)

God Loves a Garden/Flower Communion/Annual Meeting & Article II Have you ever stopped to notice how much diversity exists in nature? There isn’t just one bird, one tree, one flower, or one human being. Come join us as we celebrate nature’s biodiversity through flower communion. You are invited to bring a flower and if you […]

Before the Big Bang

Sanctuary (West Room)

....and Father's Day Before there was Light, was there Dark?  What restlessness made it change? Let's hear what Physicists have to say.

Weaving Our Lives

PNC Park

We are all tangled up together in a great web of life that is woven with beauty and hardship, love and loss, thriving and struggle. How do we tend well to the weaving so that all of us are held in care? Join us this Sunday as we watch the Sunday Worship Service from the […]