The Denominational Affairs Committee is charged with facilitating the flow of communication and information between UUCNH and the larger Unitarian Universalist denomination.


The Denominational Affairs Committee has the authority to:

  • Meet to discuss issues of denominational concern as they pertain to the cluster, region, and the UUA as a whole.
  • Promote education of UUA General Assembly Social Justice Statements.
  • Provide opportunities for UUCNH members to educate themselves regarding denominational initiatives and concerns so that they may be congregational leaders.
  • Foster an understanding of, and a commitment to, what it means to be a responsible member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.
  • Present delegates to the Board for approval.
  • Educate and train delegates annually on items of concern at the General Assembly.
  • Appoint a new cluster representative when the acting representative’s term is complete.


  • Develop and maintain a Master List of activities, duties, timelines, tasks, formats, etc. for which the committee is specifically responsible.
  • Maintain a relationship with and provide monthly updates to the committee’s Board Liaison.
  • Develop and submit a proposed budget for the committee as part of the annual church budgeting process.
  • Submit a report on the committee’s activities for inclusion in the UUCNH Annual Report to the congregation.
  • Include, as a member of the committee, the current cluster representative.

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