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Green Foods


When we say green foods in this blog we are not talking about vegetables as your sole food source.  We are talking about eating foods that have a lower carbon footprint than the traditional American choice of beef as a protein source. Protein Green Foods Lifecycle assessments of total greenhouse gas emissions reveal that [...]

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Green Living Pittsburgh Supporting Orgaizations


Green Living in Pittsburgh.  One of the principles of our faith is the notion of the interconnected web of life. AT UUCNH we are heavily involved in service to the community. As we look toward 2022 and the work that we are doing for our Green Sanctuary certification, here are some of the organizations [...]

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Green Living Tips


Green Living is one of the hallmarks of the UUCNH community.  As we look toward 2022 and the work that we are doing for our Green Sanctuary certification, here are some of the things that you can do in your home to be more green in your lifestyle The Environmental Working Group and Pesticides [...]

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Holiday Ideas


Holiday Green Living Energy Savings Following up on our recent theme of energy, the Green Lights team has gathered a few ideas to keep in mind when preparing that special holiday meal that many of us will be serving. Preheating the oven is not necessary for long-slow cooking, as for turkey or ham; and oven [...]

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Winter Survival Tips


How do we survive winter? I suspect that most of our church can do without winter survival tips, but here we go. As a modest start, I’ve adapted a list of mostly inexpensive ideas from the Environmental Protection Agency’s site. These are small steps anyone can take, or at least explore.  We’ll have more [...]

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Lawn and Outdoor Care


Lawn Alternatives When I go for an afternoon walk on a lovely summer day, I often see people mowing their lawns; but I don’t remember once in two decades seeing people enjoying their lawn; so it’s a mystery why people compulsively maintain these spaces that don’t seem to enrich our pleasure in life. Apparently, the [...]

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