UUCNH is embarking on a Capital Campaign for the first time in 16 years. Over the next several months the Capital Campaign Team (CCT) will be collecting YOUR ideas and feedback. The CCT will start by creating 3 options; a basic plan of the lowest cost, an intermediate plan of mid-range costs, and a “gold standard” plan with a higher cost, but also the most impact. We’ll provide much more detail on this at the mid-year congregational meeting on January 23, 2022.
We’ll have Capital Campaign Info and Input Sessions in January and February. We’ll match your input into the development of the 3 options mentioned above; tailoring your most important needs and wants into the base plan as best we can. We’ll add goals and wish list items to the other options too, as each option grows in complexity and price. Hopefully, we can have a vote on which option to pursue in March for a feasibility study to be performed by our UUA consultant Barry Finkelstein.
The first three meetings will be:
With Barry’s findings and the UUCNH community’s continued input, the plan is to have an official vote to proceed with the Capital Campaign at the annual congregational meeting in May.
The campaign is being driven by the needs of our beautiful facility: the barn’s roof must be replaced, and our parking lot is in need of attention. But this Capital Campaign will encompass much more than simply our community’s utilitarian needs; we need it to pave the path forward to our shared vision.
Please join your Capital Campaign co-chairs, Carol Ballance and Joe Meier for the first of many discussions about YOUR dreams and visions for UUCNH’s future. This is a chance for every one of our members and friends to provide input on where the money will be spent; the repairs, programs, materials and actions that will “give power to all we stand for as a community of faith.”

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