Bestselling TEDx speaker and eco-theologian, Rev. Michael Dowd, offers a “hope-free” Big Picture perspective (neither hopeful nor hopeless) that can help us move from confusion to clarity, from blame to compassion, and from overwhelming or despair to meaningful and courageous love-in-action.

Gospel of Evolution

Our guest speaker this morning is the Rev. Michael Dowd. Since April 2002, Michael and his wife (UU science writer and fellow climate activist Connie Barlow) have traveled North America delivering talks in some 500 UU congregations, summer camps, and minister retreats, as well as for other religious and secular groups.  Dowd and Connie travel North America, teaching their “Gospel of Evolution.” They present their case for “the marriage of religion and science” at events sponsored by a diverse group of denominations, including Christian, Unitarian Universalist, Unity Church, Free Thinkers, Religious Science, secular humanism and Religious Naturalists venues. Barlow is a writer/lecturer with four published works. Together they travel the continent by van as nomads, offering a view of evolutionary theology and relating their Great Story (Epic of Evolution) to both secular and religious audiences. Their message embraces both science and religion, combining her scientific humanism with his evolutionary theism, her soft-spoken manner with his zealous preaching style. They draw in Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and Christians; theists and atheists; scientists and philosophers

Objective Truth meets Subjective Meaning

Dowd is pluralistic in his ministry. He teaches that humanity will never see an end to the science and religion war until religious leaders do their part and proclaim a pro-science, evolutionary message from the pulpit. Dowd promotes the Epic of Evolution as a sacred story and Religious Naturalism as his own religious orientation.
It addresses both objective truth and subjective meaning answering questions in ways that are both religiously and scientifically accurate. He claims that science can be interpreted in ways that nourish and inspire people like traditional religious stories to do.
Please join us either in person or online wherever you happen to be on Sunday, November 28.

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