At UUCNH we are Stewards of our time, talent and treasure

2022 Campaign – Love will Guide Us

What should we pledge? “You can give from deep within you…”

Our Mission:

By building a loving religious community that
nourishes the spirit,
celebrates life, and
cherishes the connectedness of all things
we will transform ourselves and our world.

Our pledges of Time, Talent, and Treasure support our mission. We ask that your decision of how much to pledge come from a thoughtful process in which you and your spouse or partner talk with each other about the importance of supporting your church home.  There are so many ways to give in our church community:

  • You can give your time on a team or committee

  • You can host coffee hour or provide Sunday Flowers
  • You can present a service when Rev. Jane is off
  • You can support a congregant in need

However, we also need your financial support.  Finding a meaningful way to support the programs and needs of UUCNH is important to our success as a community of faith.  The help you give should come from a place of commitment and intention, rather than from a feeling of obligation. “You can change UUCNH with your love.”  

2022 Stewardship image

How to walk the labyrinth with your finger: The words themselves form the path. Enter the labyrinth at the bottom, following “Love Will Guide Us” and slowly trace your path to the center. Feel free to reflect on the words or just let them flow by. Travel slowly taking care to follow each switchback of the path without rushing ahead. On reaching the center, pause in the light of our chalice. There is room in the center for all of us. Consider the symbol and the meaning it holds for you. When ready, begin slowly retracing the path and reflecting on what the words, phrases, and our community mean to you. Exit refreshed as we continue together, allowing Love to guide us.

How is our pledge used?

Your pledge money supports our mission. With your help, we will:

  • Continue to provide health care insurance and pay our talented staff following UUA salary guidelines

  • Maintain and improve our barn and grounds, while working towards a sustainable facility,

  • Continue to support our outreach to those who cannot attend services in person

  • Pursue our social justice work, in partnership with Faith in Action, UU Justice PA, and Fair Districts PA.

The future of our faith is our children. Your contributions pay for teacher training, curricula, and supplies, as well as adult faith development programs like Covenant Circles.

Look at what we have done already with your pledges

Despite the uncertainty of the last two years, pledging increased during the pandemic, due to your deep commitment to our Beloved Community.  We thank you for that and we have been able to:

  • The roofs of the East and West rooms were replaced.

  • We supported our staff through this period of isolation without cutting salaries or hours.

  • The labor-intensive, professional quality of our virtual Sunday services brought us together every Sunday. Your support paid for the video editing of our services during the height of the pandemic.

  • Our amazing tech team continues to provide hybrid (online and in-person) Sunday services

  • Our music director, pianist, choir, and musicians mastered new technology to bring us beautiful performances.

  • The Communications Team created an up-to-date website, with revised and improved content, geared to bringing new people to UUCNH.

During the Pandemic years. we were able to continue many aspects of church life with opportunities to gather online and safely in person and we supported each other in a time of many great losses.

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