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The purpose of the 4th Sunday Forum is to provide a forum for group discussion of a wide latitude of topics deemed important to members of the group, and to provide the opportunity for those involved to hear, understand, and appreciate one another’s thoughts 

Sunday, October 23, noon – 1:15 pm by Zoom and in-person in the East Room

Agenda: A Nation of Immigrants.  For well over its first century, the U.S. had open borders.  We were a rapidly expanding manufacturing economy with work available for nearly everybody irrespective of educational level or knowing English.  Given the low fertility rate of U.S. citizens nowadays, and the current plethora of unfilled job openings, there remains a case for bringing in more immigrants.  But every Western democracy that has recently invited high levels of immigration has experienced populist backlash and the rise of right-wing politics that threaten democracy itself.   So, of the hundreds of millions of persons around the globe who might at some point wish to get to America, what should be our priorities when deciding who gets in?  Skill/education levels that could immediately blend into the U.S. economy?  Refugee status?  Relatives or communities already here who could assist in assimilation?  Join us as we ponder the ethical and practical aspects of this dilemma.

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