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The purpose of the 4th Sunday Forum is to provide a forum for group discussion of a wide latitude of topics deemed important to members of the group, and to provide the opportunity for those involved to hear, understand, and appreciate one another’s thoughts 

Agenda for Sunday March 27th 

Not just Ukraine! We are all sickened by these events, and, as of this writing, don’t know how this aggression – and the Western allies’ response – will play out. It is tempting to view this and similar tragedies as the works of a few bad actors who arise from time to time. But Ukraine/Putin is a symptom of a global rise of authoritarianism, just as our own domestic disfunction is a symptom of long-term rot in American economics and politics.  Freedom House.org, in its annual report “Freedom in the World – 2022”, catalogues a steep decline in the number of people living in free liberal democracies – in some cases by the choices of the populace. Yuval Noah Harari, in his recent TED talk, points to the concentration of digital information by corporations and governments as key to this change. In light of UU-ism’s tradition of “resilient hope” and optimism, how are we to understand our own roles in healing our own society? If joining us by Zoom here is the link.

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