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The purpose of the 4th Sunday Forum is to provide a forum for group discussion of a wide latitude of topics deemed important to members of the group, and to provide the opportunity for those involved to hear, understand, and appreciate one another’s thoughts 

Agenda for Sunday, May 22nd (NOTE: Date re-scheduled from the 29th back to it’s original date of the 22nd) – Many of us heard those words “Grow Up!” (NOTE: Date re-scheduled from the 29th back to it’s original date of the 22nd). What was meant by that – what is this thing called maturity”?  The concept of the “teenager” –as a distinct phase of emotional and intellectual development – only came into common usage in the early 1940’s.  The rise of compulsory education and the resulting huge school districts, along with the postwar economic boom and the ubiquity of the automobile, created a setting for a teen culture separate from the adult world.  On one side was the halcyon image of TV’s “Happy Days”: on the other, the tortured souls of James Dean’s “Rebel without a Cause”.  Prior to then, most young people went straight from school (at whatever level) to the young adulthood of employment and/or marriage, and were considered to be mature upon accepting those responsibilities.

Now, some scientists contend that the human brain isn’t sufficiently developed for fully mature behavior and personal responsibility until well into the 20’s.  Indeed, one study in the United Kingdom concluded that most men aren’t fully mature until well into their 40’s (women much younger!).  So, what do we mean by “maturity” in individuals?  In institutions? In societies?

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