Western PA Conservancy

Green Living: Western PA Conservancy
By Jen Fontaine

Believe it or not, a Google search for “Pennsylvania Environmental Groups” yields about a hundred titles.  About a third are located in Western PA or have chapters or offices in the western part of the state.  It’s worth checking some of these out, since they cover interesting news and events, as well as suggestions for ways to get involved. The first name on the list is the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, www.waterlandlife.org. Several recent projects are featured.  The Conservancy recently transferred 105 acres of land to be added to the Laurel Ridge State Park (the Conservancy is also the source of the original land dedicated to form the state park).  In December, the Conservancy worked on an ongoing transfer of 13 acres of cave property in Huntington County, to protect habitat for endangered bat species. An ongoing call currently on the website invites volunteer stewards for a range of community gardens.  A regular newsletter is available.  This is only one of the dozens of groups you might want to explore. To highlight your own favorite group, or to send in tips, stories or questions, please email jennfontaine@gmail.com.

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