Upcoming Services

October 2017 Upcoming Services
All Sunday Services Start at 10:30 a.m.


October 22, 2017
“One Man’s Quest for Wholeness”
Rev. Don Rollins

UU congregations are once again being called to talk about white supremacy within and without our circles. (You may recall the first two “sit-ins” were scheduled in May.)  This service is based on story as a starting place for change – including Don’s. (Visit uuteachin.org for some background. Note some links are still being updated.)

October 29, 2017
The Journey Inward
John Ballance

One of the undated readings in Dag Hammarskjold’s book Markings says simply, “The longest journey is the journey inward, for he who has chosen his destiny has started upon his quest for the source of his being.” As Unitarian Universalists, we might frame the metaphor not as “the quest for the source of his being” but as “the quest for the meaning of life.” We will explore together some of the many dimensions of our individual and collective searches for understanding the meaning of life and the meanings of our lives.