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April 2017 Upcoming Services
All Sunday Services Start at 10:30 a.m.

April’s Theme is Age


April 30, 2017
Can I Recycle This?
Celebrating Earth Day 2017
Green Sanctuary Team

On April 30th, our lay led service will be focused on the Earth as we celebrate Earth Day together.  Our Green Sanctuary team and friends will help us look at ways to fight climate change and work for environmental justice.  We will experiment with a few fun things to make our service and coffee hour “greener”.  AND we will ponder our place in the world thru readings, songs and meditation. Come join us for a Green Sanctuary – Earth Day 2017!

You could help out our “green” efforts for Earth Day by bringing in plastic bottle caps, beads, CDs, wire, colorful plastic bags, old wrapping paper and colorful newspaper (think comics).  We ask you to buy NOTHING but bring in your “extras” for our creative recycling and crafting.  Donations of recycled craft materials can be made to Jenn Halperin only through April 29th.  Thank you for helping UUCNH beautify itself with recyclables.


May’s Theme is  Beloved Community 

May 7, 2017
Stephanie Gannon

It is good to gather together as one religious community on Sunday mornings with everyone together. A different thing happens when we come together in smaller groups.


May 14, 2017
Rev. Scott Rudolph

In a Beloved Community, there is enough for everyone. Beloved Community is a vision of what could be in our world. Our moral decency would not allow for things like hunger, poverty, or racism. To create such a world, we must be loving and allow others to love freely.


May 21, 2017
Rev. Scott Rudolph

A world of ideas swirl around us all the time. We process these ideas and react to them. Some ideas are rebuffed. Others are incorporated. As Unitarian Universalists, we gather among many different personal theologies. In our church, we are all learners. In our church, we are all teachers.


May 28, 2017
Andrew Frantz

It’s hard to talk about race in America, but it’s important that we do so. Guest speaker Andrew Frantz will explore the topic through his own experience (as a White person), through the writing of Ta-Nahisi Coates, and through the recent hiring controversy at the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Through the courage to confront and discuss racism we can begin to dismantle it. 

Andrew Frantz serves the UU Fellowship of Wayne County (in Wooster, Ohio) as ministerial intern while enrolled at Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary.