Thoughts Scott Begot – December 2016

When I breathe in, I breathe in peace. When I breathe out, I breathe out love.” We sing this song Meditation on Breathing together in church, and I am always comforted by it. In the last two months, I feel like I have not always been breathing in “peace.” I feel like I have been breathing in a good deal of anxiety, fear, sadness, and anger. Through October we focused on Race as our church theme. I personally found this deeply challenging, and it pulled me toward a more complex and difficult understanding of race in America. Then in November we had the culmination of an incredibly divisive and ugly presidential campaign. We elected an administration linked with misogyny, xenophobia, ableism, income inequality, and homophobia. As religious people grounded in love, our voice will be needed in these coming years. Ours is a message of inclusion for all people.

In December, our theme is Wonder. To me, this feels like a needed exhale. I need to be reminded of some beauty and goodness. I need to cherish the connectedness of all things. I need to remember that life is a miraculous gift and full of incredible wonder that leaves me in awe. We will continue to be a church that responds to our world in real ways to promote justice and equity. That is a constant. In December, we will ground ourselves in the holy mystery. It is from this place that we move into the world seeking to help create a more loving world.

SO many things fill me with a sense of wonder. I only need to stop and look around to be filled with gratitude and astonishment. Look at anything closely enough and wonder starts to unwind. So many things. Anything. Everything…

Life, the stars above, the sun, the blue sky filled with clouds, children’s laughter, fingers, toes, pandas, river currents, ocean life (that is a big one!), gravity, life cycles, eyes, smart phones, empathy, water, recycling, choirs, hope, running, tomatoes, baking bread, evolution, colors on a duck, generosity, a flower rising from a sidewalk crack, skin to skin contact, feathers, veins, numbers, humility, glitter, warmth, showers, teeth, medical science, snowflakes, puppies,  poetry, roots, seeds, wind, stories, self-expression, muffins, soccer, toilets, balloons, horses, lighting and thunder, rope swings, bouncy balls, wheat, engines, musical instruments, beans, kites, tears, beaches, breath, dirt, pencils, a chalice, friends, bees, hoola-hoops, math, bicycles, art, penguins, vinyl records, clouds, dreams, smoothies, heart pumping, snails, magnets, jokes, mountains, creativity, eagles, weeping willows, robots, hollow logs, dancing, lamps, movie-making, optometry, caterpillars, bark on a tree… I could go on… What do you see or feel  that creates a sense of wonder in you?

 In Wonder,

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