Promote Reuse EASY/MED Give used goods another life

Green Living Ideas for:   Promoting Reuse – Giving things another life

What It Takes:  Easy/Med – Time and effort to buy, sell, give and take used goods

1) Shop at rummage sales, yard sales, etc. The UUCNH rummage sale is just around the corner. You will get great items at great prices and support UUCNH at the same time. Be sure to tell all your friends. It is the perfect opportunity to try this green living idea.
2) Shop at consignment and resale shops or online for used goods. Some of the shops are also non-profits that give back to the community, like Wear Woof, and Treasure House Fashions making shopping there even more beneficial.
3) When you have an unwanted and usable item, pass it along. Sell it, give it to a friend or donate it to a good cause. Sell things at a consignment shop, yard sale or online. Want to donate it? Get it ready for the UUCNH rummage sale in May.  Practice green living and unclutter your home at the same time.

4) Below are just a few places to use. There are many more. 

Give and Receive on Freecycle

Not your typical item you want to buy or donate?
Building Material Reuse – Construction Junction
Not your typical item you want to donate?
Pet (fish tank, carriers, etc.) –
What You Get: You will save money, support good causes and/or make money.
World Benefit: Reduced Emissions, chemicals, and consumption of resources from producing and transporting a newly made item instead of reusing one.


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