Pour Over Coffee That Pours Itself

Green Living Idea:  Pour Over Coffee That Pours Itself
By Connie Hester, conniemhester@yahoo.com

I have a Keurig that takes expensive k-cups. The machine itself contains plastic with BPA, and creates unwanted trash. So I searched for alternatives. I started filling my own reusable k-cup. But even with a special scoop, I spilled coffee grounds, and I struggled to empty the little cup.  I looked for alternatives, especially using stainless steel and glass. 

Pour over coffee looked good; but I wanted something that would pour for me. I bought Osaka parts (stainless mesh filter, etc.), put them together and stuffed a filter in the top water cup to slow down the pour. 


Consider trying out my invention. Just put your coffee in the stainless mesh filter (no filter needed), place your cup beneath and pour your heated water in the top. Then let it pour over the grounds for you. Shortly it stops dripping and you have a cup of coffee.  The large stainless filter is simple to fill, dump and rinse.  It is healthy for me and the environment, and is nearly as simple as the Keurig. 

Version 2 will be a little taller with more separation between layers.

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