Path to Membership

Meet the Church
If you are visiting or new to the church, Our Connections Team invites you to attend a Meet the Church session. These are informal sessions held after church about once every two months. After coffee hour, we gather to meet one another, watch a video, have an open ended question and answer time, and to share a little more about this church and Unitarian Universalism. Come and join us!

Exploring the Path to Membership
If you are considering membership at the church, the Connections Team hosts about four Exploring the Path to Membership classes each year. This a four hour session held on a Saturday or a Sunday with lunch included. There is a time for participants to share their religious journey, to share more about themselves with the group, we go deeper into the history and theology of Unitarian Universalism, we share more about this church and what membership means, and of course, lots of time for more questions! (We love questions.)

Signing the Book and Membership Sunday
To become a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills, you sign your name in our Membership Book. This represents your free choice and decision to claim UUCNH as your religious home. Most often, people sign the book during one of our two Membership Sunday services in which we welcome our new members into the church and celebrate the deepening of our community that happens when another person joins.