Our Relational Covenant

We covenant together so that we will remember our mutual responsibilities to ourselves, to each other, and to our community as a whole. This living document of our shared commitments will continue to be shaped by our experiences together. We understand that sometimes we will fall short, as will those with whom we are in relationship. We will do our best to bring one another back into covenant in a caring way. We do bind ourselves to walk together in the spirit of love.

As a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills, I covenant:

Needing community, I will support our church.

Needing to belong, I will be inclusive and welcoming.

Needing kindness and respect, I will be kind and respectful.

Needing care, I will be compassionate.

Needing to be heard, I will listen.  

Needing truth, I will be honest.                                                          

Needing openness and space to grow, I will be open-minded and

   support the growth of others.

 Needing to have my differences understood, I will seek to understand the       

   differences of others.

 Needing a safe, healthy environment, I will enter into conflict in a

   positive way, speaking with people directly, without divisiveness,   

   honoring boundaries, and remaining respectfully engaged.

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