Our Facility

Facilities Rental
When our church was still a dairy barn many, many years ago, it was used by the local community for gatherings and for fellowship. The Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills is a still a space that is available to the community. We love our building and welcome groups, weddings, memorials, organizations, and other events to rent our space. Go here to request a rental.

Our church strives to meet Universal Design criteria by making our space as accessible as we can. We have a ramp to our front door and a lift to our second floor. All of our bathrooms are accessible for those with disabilities. Our sanctuary features a hearing loop for those with appropriate hearing aids and headphones for those who do not. Our coat racks are at multiple heights. We continue to look for ways to make our church inviting for all people.

Memorial Garden
Behind our church on our grounds, we have a beautiful space that we have created into a Memorial Garden to remember those who have come before us in our life. It is a serene space used for mediation, reflection, and conversation.