Non-toxic, Re-usable, Compostable Food Wraps

Green Living Idea:  Non-toxic, Re-usable, Compostable Food Wraps
By Jen Fontaine

What do the plastics industry and the tobacco industry have in common?  What have some young energetic people learned from the history of King Tut that might help today’s environment?  If you’re wondering, you might like to check out the website listed below, and the main product it features, a food wrap that is toxin-free, can be used well over a hundred times, and can be composted after those many uses.  I’ve noticed sites starting to call this stuff “bee wrap,” presumably as it is made of beeswax, as well as tree resin, soy wax, jojoba and essential oils, applied to organic cotton fabric.  The resulting sheets take a little getting used to (they’re stiff until you work it them in your hands, and they require a light cold-water wash between uses); but they do stick to themselves; and they keep leftovers and produce very fresh.  Besides, they help keep plastic out of our refrigerators and landfills (as the author points out, “Plastic is Everywhere!”). If you visit the site below and click on “The Story,” then stick with the reading, you’ll find an interesting tale, as well as some biting commentary on humans and the planet, featuring animations by Steve Cutts.

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