Monthly Subscription

Green Living Idea:  Monthly Subscription
By: Jen Fontaine

We’re all familiar with the concept of ‘subscriptions,’ which typically involve making a payment and receiving a publication once a month.  Well, we’ve learned about a different kind of subscription, called “Mighty Fix” and offered through an outfit called Mighty Nest.  Subscribers pay a modest monthly fee and receive an ecologically friendly item chosen by their team each month.  A review by TheFrugalGirl praised this service, pointing out some of its advantages: the items are said to be worth at least the subscription price; shipping is free, and the monthly surprises usually replace disposable items, so they save money over time as well as helping protect the environment.  Examples include ‘lunchskins’ that replace plastic bags, organic dishcloths, stainless steel containers for packing lunches, an all-natural deodorant, bamboo utensils, dryer balls that replace chemical-laced dryer sheets, and a soap-dispensing dish brush made from recycled plastic, bamboo, and plant fiber. You can learn about the service, see reviews, and consider subscribing at

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